Quadrangle Housing’s success in property management stems from the expertise of our senior staff. QHC is led by people who understand housing and recognize the value in providing a modern approach. Our core team has dedicated their career to quality housing.
Mary Campbell, President
James Henderson, Accounting
Sandi LaManna, ARM - Resident Services
Ed Starr, Maintenance
It is our job to give our customers the personal attention required to close the lease and retain them in the future. Our team consists of: leasing, customer service, accounting, maintenance and apartment referral service staff who together work simultaneously on the same goal: "Providing the best service possible." We take all matters relating to our customers seriously, and act with a sense of urgency to be responsive to them.
Our expertise includes:
Management and operations
Refurbishment of existing properties
Resident life and student involvement
Public relations and marketing
Asset management
We are a full-service community management company with a comprehensive bundle of services that meets the most demanding needs of any type or any size of community. We manage cooperatives, single family homes, duplexes, three to fifty unit buildings, and high-rises. Our services include building maintenance, lease administration, operating and capital budgeting, vendor management, property accounting and all major reporting formats. We are always adding more services to our menu.
People do business with those they trust. We uphold the highest ethical standards and treat our customers—and each other—fairly and honestly. We take our commitments seriously and do what we say we are going to do. Without this, nothing else matters, because people want to do business with those they trust.
Challenges bring out the best of our abilities. We look for new opportunities and welcome challenges because they bring out the best in our abilities and provide meaningful professional growth.

We are a team that is dedicated to using proven financial-management techniques to maintain a clear focus on the mission of Quadrangle Housing Company, with a plan of maximizing our operational goals. We deal with the form and content of financial statements and provide guidance on financial accounting matters.

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